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 With His Hot And Blue Guitar (1957)

Rock Island Line/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/If The Good Lord's Willing/Country Boy/Cry Cry Cry/So Doggone Lonesome/Remember Me/I Was There When It Happened/I Walk The Line/Wreck Of The Old 97/Folsom Prison Blues/Doin' My Time.

Songs That Made Him Famous (1958)

Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/There You Go/I Walk The Line/Don't Make Me Go/Guess Things Happen That Way/Train Of Love/Ways Of A Woman In Love/Next In Line/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/I Can't Help It/Home Of The Blues/Big River

Greatest (1959)

Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/You Tell Me/Just About Time/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Katy Too/Thanks A Lot/Luther's Played The Boogie/You Win Again/Hey Good Lookin'/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/Get Rhythm

Sings Hank Williams (1960)

I Can't Help It/You Win Again/Hey Good Lookin'/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/Next In Line/Straight A's In Love/Folsom Prison Blues/Give My Love To Rose/I Walk The Line/I Love You Because/Come In Stranger/Mean Eyed Cat

Now Here’s Johnny Cash (1961)

Sugartime/Down The Street To 301/Life Goes On/Port Of Lonely Hearts/Cry Cry Cry/My Treasure/Oh Lonesome Me)/So Doggone Lonesome/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Story Of A Broken Heart/Hey Porter/Home Of The Blues

All Aboard The Blue Train (1962)

Blue Train/There You Go/Train Of Love/Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/Come In Stranger/Rock Island Line/Give My Love To Rose/Hey Porter/Folsom Prison Blues/Wreck Of The Old 97/So Doggone Lonesome

Original Sun Sound (1964)

Always Alone/Country Boy/Goodnight Irene/Wide Open Road/Thanks A Lot/Big River/Belshazah/Born To Lose/New Mexico/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Two Timin' Woman/Story Of A Broken Heart

Original Golden Hits Volume 1 (1969)

Folsom Prison Blues/Hey Porter/ So Doggone Lonesome/There You Go/Next In Line/Cry Cry Cry/I Walk The Line/Don't Make Me Go/Train Of Love/Home Of The Blues/Get Rhythm


Hey Porter/Train Of Love/Blue Train/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/Port Of Lonely Hearts/Wreck Of The Old 97/Rock Island Line/Big River/Wide Open Road/Down The Street To 301/Life Goes On

Get Rhythm (1969)

Get Rhythm,/Mean Eyed Cat/You Win Again/Country Boy/Two Timin' Woman/Oh Lonesome Me/Luther's Played The Boogie/Doin' My Time/New Mexico/Belshazah/Sugartime

Show Time (1969)

Guess Things Happen That Way/Come In Stranger/Rock Island Line/There You Go/ Big River/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/I Walk The Line/Wreck Of The Old 97/Cry Cry Cry/Hey Porter/Folsom Prison Blues


Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Come In Stranger/Ways Of A Woman In Love/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/Give My Love To Rose/Guess Things Happen That Way/Just About Time/Luther's Played The Boogie/Thanks A Lot, Big River

Sunday Down South (with Jerry Lee Lewis) (1970)

If The Good Lord's Willing/I Was There When It Happened/Remember Me/Belshazah/Goodnight Irene (JERRY Lee Lewis 6-10)/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Old Time Religion/Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/When The Saints Go Marching In/Silver Threads And Golden Needles

The Rough Cut King Of Country Music (1970)

Cold Cold Heart/Goodnight Irene/Straight A's In Love/You're My Baby/My Treasure/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Born To Lose/You Tell Me, Fools Hall Of Fame/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/Story Of A Broken Heart

Singing Storyteller (1970)

Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/Give My Love To Rose/Hey Good Lookin'/I Can't Help It/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/I Couldn't Keep From Crying/I Love You Because/Ways Of A Woman In Love/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Come In Stranger Next In Line

LEGEND (1970)

Folsom Prison Blues/Hey Porter/Next In Line/Cry Cry Cry/I Walk The Line/Train Of Love/Home Of The Blues/Get Rhythm/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Ways Of A Woman In Love/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Give My Love To Rose/Luther's Played The Boogie/Thanks A Lot/Big River/Rock Island Line/You Win Again/Oh Lonesome Me/Hey Good Lookin'/Cold Cold Heart/Doin' My Time/Katy Too/If The Good Lord's Willing/Remember Me

 Sing Hank Williams (With Jerry Lee Lewis) (1971)

Hey Good Lookin'/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/I Can't Help It/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/Cold Cold Heart (Jerry Lee Lewis 6-10)-Lovesick Blues/You Win Again/Your Cheatin' Heart/Jambalaya/Settin' The Woods On Fire

The Man,the World, His Music (1972)

Born To Lose/ Story Of A Broken Heart/Two Timin' Woman/Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/Port Of Lonely Hearts/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Goodnight Irene/My Treasure/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle/Mean Eyed Cat/New Mexico/Sugartime/Life Goes On/Wreck Of The Old 97/Belshazah/You're My Baby/Fools Hall Of Fame/Blue Train/Country Boy/Wide Open Road/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/Down The Street   To 301

Original Golden Hits Volume 3 (1972)

Rock Island Line/Oh Lonesome Me/Country Boy/You Win Again/Straight A's In Love/Doin' My Time/Wreck Of The Old 97/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Sugartime/Story Of A Broken Heart/Katy Too

Superbilly (1977)

I Walk The Line/Folsom Prison Blues/Guess Things Happen That Way/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Big River/There You Go/Give My Love To Rose/Hey Porter/Get Rhythm/Cry Cry Cry/Luther's Played The Boogie/Katy Too/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/So Doggone Lonesome/Train Of Love/Country Boy/Rock Island Line/Wreck Of The Old 97/Ways Of A Woman In Love/Home Of The Blues

Folsom Prison Blues (1979)

Folsom Prison Blues/Give My Love To Rose/Cry Cry Cry/Ways Of A Woman In Love/There You Go/Don't Make Me Go/It's Just About Time/Down The Street To 301/Life Goes On/Mean Eyed Cat

Sun Label  1957 -1979